Photography is something everyone can do.  It is affordable, especially in this digital age.  Once upon time there was film to buy and it cost money to develop that film.  Now, it is simply a matter of downloading and reformatting a memory card.  Easy peasy!

This summer, we are celebrating kid’s photography.  This means parents taking awesome pictures of their families, documenting celebrations, growth and summer fun, as well as kids taking awesome pictures and gaining a love for photography that may last a lifetime.

We challenge you this summer to grab a camera, and make it your mission to take some great photos.  We’ll be sharing some of our favorite photography sites with you too, and hopefully, you’ll find them as useful as we do.

Photography By Kids

Usually, it’s the parents taking the photos.  But this summer, we discovered some incredible photos taken by kids that were shared with us by our friends at  They are currently running a kids’ photography contest, and with permission, we are sharing some of the entries here with you.  We were blown away by the talent we saw, and we think you will be too.  Have a look:

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